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About Us

The promoter company RIFFagency was founded in 2005. It provides a full range of services in organizing and promoting concerts, tours and Artist’s booking throughout Russia and the CIS territories.

RIFFagency ’s launch was a performances by legendary Black Sabbath front-man Tony Martin (November 12th, 2005, grand-opening of Moscow “Sorry, Babushka!” club and his solo gig in November, 13th, 2005 – at “B2” club) followed by Jorn Lande first-ever appearance in Russia, Moscow (April 15th, 2007, “B2”).

In recent years RIFFagency has arranged concerts in Moscow and other cities, working with the following bands: The Cranberries, Billy Idol, Kenny G, Jon Lord & Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Joe Satriani, Manzarek / Krieger of The Doors, Enter Shikari, Dream Theater, IAMX, Didier Marouani & Space, Porcupine Tree, Machine Head, The Qemists and more.

Apart from promoting its own projects, RIFFagency has worked as a booking-agency, organizing various concerts and corporate events for our business partners. One of the largest such projects was BlastFest-2008 which was a collaboration with Philip Morris Russia. RIFFagency arranged all aspects of this memorable event, from concept stage through booking all the bands that performed at the event (Supergrass, Brett Anderson, etc).

Besides providing support for our business partners, RIFFagency collaborates with foreign organizations and government institutions. For instance, RIFFagency collaborated with The Embassy of Norway when it organized the above-mentioned performance by Jorn in Moscow. In 2011 RIFFagency worked closely with The French Embassy, along with the Administration of Star City and Uniastrum Bank to present Didier Marouani & Space performance, which was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first ever human space flight. Yuri Gagarin’s family kindly allowed our agency to use the first-ever Cosmonaut in the world name for the purposes of the event! Furthermore we collaborated with Jean-Loup Chretien – the First-ever French Сosmonaut and the Hero of The Soviet Union. Together with his Russian colleagues – Russian Cosmonaut and current Head of the Star City’s Administration Alexander A. Volkov and his son, also the Cosmonaut and the Commander of The Russian Cosmonauts’ Team Sergey Volkov – Messer Jean-Loup participated in organizing the project! These three brave men from Russia and France took part in that memorable event in Kremlin Palace, singing a song titled “Hoorah, Gagarin, Hoorah!” along with Didier Marouani, his band Space and Alexandrov’s Military Choir!

RIFFagency has worked with performers from all over the world. The Company is not limited to any particular style of music. RIFFagency organized tours for legendary “classic-rock” stars like Billy Idol, Manzarek / Krieger of The Doors as well as for young, hip, modern electronic bands like Enter Shikari and IAMX. Also RIFFagency conceptualized and brought to life a one-of-a-kind cross-over show by John Lord (R.I.P) of Deep Purple together with The Moscow Symphony Orchestra (Conductor Vladimir Ziva) at The Luzhniki Arena in 2009, during which a legendary Jon Lord’s master-piece “Concerto For Group and Orchestra” was performed.

RIFFagency is presently expanding its presence on the event market and continues to develop new ideas for creating exciting projects and events.

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