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Marcus Fuereder, better known by his stage name Parov Stelar, is Austrias internationally most
successful artist. He is called the founder of “Electro Swing” and his band, the Parov Stelar Band, is in
heavy request all over the world. His music is the soundtrack for numerous movies, TV shows and ads.
Already his first release, the EP Kiss Kiss, and the following album “Rough Cuts” in 2004 provided him an
immediate breakthrough in the international electronic music scene. His unique sound, his specific
approach to music production and the unorthodox combination of musical genres soon made him the star
of an uprising scene. With his subsequent albums (Seven and Storm (2005), Shine (2007), Coco (2009),
The Princess (2012), The Invisible Girl (Parov Stelar Trio, 2013), The Art of Sampling (2013)) and more
than 20 EPs he was able to strengthen and even improve his status until today and he became the favorite
of a huge fan community.
The Parov Stelar Band played more than 600 live shows all around the world, e.g. sold out Playstation
Theater in New York twice, Brixton Academy in London, Zenith in Paris and Columbiahalle in Berlin on
headline shows. They played many major festivals like Glastonbury, Sziget, Rock Werchter, Solidays,
OptimusAlive!, Zurich Open Air and co-headlined La Fete the L’Humanite in Paris in front of 100,000
Parov Stelar ist also in heavy request for cooperations. He worked with Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga,
Marvin Gaye, Lana Del Rey, Brian Ferry and many more.
Parov Stelar has almost 1 Million facebook fans and more than 100 Million youtube views. His tracks
haven been used on more than 700 compilations worldwide (e.g. Hotel Costes, Buddha Bar and Electro
Swing) and have been used in numerous TV shows, TV series and movies. There are dozens of TV ads
with his music e.g. Target, Paco Rabanne, Bacardi, Microsoft, Fiat, Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas,
Chevrolet, Audi, Chrysler, Motorola, Nespresso, Colgate and Hyundai to name just a few.
Parov Stelar is Austria’s most successful international artist and won 6 Amadeus Austrian Music Awards
(2012: Best Electronic/Dance; 2013: Best Live Act, Best Electronic Act, Best Album; 2014: Best Live Act,
2015: Best Electronic/Dance). He released 7 albums, more than 20 EP's and sold more than 400,000
albums independently. The track Booty Swing reached No. 2 in the electronic US iTunes charts and No. 1
in the Canadian.
After releasing his No. 1 studio album „The Demon Diaries“ in May 2015 and sold out shows in New York
and Washington D.C. in November, Parov Stelar is ready for 2016 with headline shows in many major
European cities like London, Paris or Brussels. Furthermore he is confirmed for an appearance at the
legendary Coachella Festival including some more US shows and already booked for dozens of
European Summer Festivals.

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